Questions of community-making at the GEN-Europe Conference

By Siri Pisters Last week I attended the yearly conference of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) – Europe in Arterra Bizimodu, a young community in Navarra, Spain. Arterra Bizimodu inhabits an old monastery in a sleepy, rural village in the beautiful yet dry and quite deserted Spanish country side. This young community hosted over 200 participants … Read more

Exploring the potential of place-based practices in Sao Pedro do Sul, Portugal

By Alessandro Vasta About a month ago I went to visit the rural area around Sao Pedro do Sul Municipality, about a couple of hours to the interior from Aveiro, Portugal.  I went with the research team that is working on the Resilient Places Work Package within SUSPLACE. Within this package my research topic is … Read more

Integrated Sustainability Strategies for Cardiff

What strategies can we develop to improve the sustainability of the Cardiff Capital Region? This was the challenge we addressed during the 3-day training in Integrated Sustainability offered by SUSPLACE partner Except in May 2016. Applying the Symbiosis in Development (SiD) framework developed by Except, we worked in teams to define strategies for four different topics defined by the Welsh Government: 1) Governance and leadership, 2) Social and economic inclusion, 3) Health and well-being, and 4) Sustainable transport.20160509_141312

Read moreIntegrated Sustainability Strategies for Cardiff

Stripping sustainable forms of transportation in Cardiff

text and pictures by Lorena Axinte For a city where cycling’s modal share is still modest[1], a group of almost 150 cyclists going around the main streets on a sunny Sunday afternoon might come as a surprise. The fact that most of them are completely naked is the added bonus. Nonetheless, the world naked bike … Read more

ESRS 2016 Postgraduate Autumn School, October 3-7, Wales: ‘Researching Globalization in a Rural Context’

This year’s ESRS Autumn School will explore the theory and practice of researching globalization in rural context with a programme led by Michael Woods and the research team from the European Research Council GLOBAL-RURAL project at Aberystwyth University. The theme will examine key aspects of globalization as experienced in rural localities in both the global north … Read more

Sustainable Place Making in Public Policy

In this video prof. Terry Marsden, director of the Sustainable Places Research Institute in Cardiff and project partner of SUSPLACE, discusses about sustainable place-making in the context of public policy together with prof. Susan Baker, co-director of the same institute, and mr. Matthew Quinn, director of Environment and Sustainable Development at the Welsh Government and also … Read more

Successful first training session in Wageningen

To train ESRs in innovative approaches to study sustainable place-shaping practices, SUSPLACE offers an extensive training program in both scientific and professional skills. From April 18 till May 11, 2016 all 15 ESRs participating in SUSPLACE came to Wageningen, The Netherlands for their first intensive training session. The training started with an Introduction Course, introducing the ESRs … Read more

SUSPLACE welcomes 15 Early Stage Researchers

The SUSPLACE consortium recruited 15 talented Early Stage Researchers (ESR) for a three year period starting April 1, 2016. The 15 ESR are contracted by the six academic partners and take secondments at the seven non-academic partners in the second and third year of their contract period. Below an overview of the 15 projects and the ESR appointed with a link to … Read more

SUSPLACE – Exploring the potential of place-shaping practices for sustainable development

The SUSPLACE consortium bids you a hearty welcome to our newly launched website SUSPLACE is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Innovative Training Network (ITN) funded by the European Commission that explores the full potential of place-shaping practices for sustainable development. SUSPLACE officially kicked-off on October 1, 2015 in Wageningen, The Netherlands and will last till September 30, 2019. The overall aim of the project … Read more