The UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference 2016: Planning for Future Generations

By Lorena Axinte and Cátia Rebelo The UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference is an annual event which this year was hosted by Cardiff University’s School of Geography and Planning. The event celebrated the school’s 50 years of existence, bringing together academics and practitioners interested in sharing knowledge on spatial, regional, neighbourhood and community planning. The theme … Read more

Presenting on social economy concepts in Latvia

By Alanna K. Higgins Earlier this week, I gave a talk entitled “Social Economy: A Primer” at a local training course co-hosted by Zala Briviba and the Latvian branch of the EU project “Sustainable and Solidarity Economy” (SUSY). The course “When money is not essential? Local and global solutions of social and solidarity economy” was … Read more

XIV World Congress of Rural Sociology: Debating peasantries, envisioning real utopias, and the all-important interdisciplinary perspective

By Alanna Higgins From the 10th to 14th of August, over 700 delegates met at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada for the XIV World Congress of Rural Sociology. The theme of the conference was “Sustainable and Just Rural Transitions: Connections and Complexities”; with 78 regular sessions and panels, excursions, and other events happening throughout the … Read more

“Common-tryside”: revitalising the Portuguese countryside through commoning forests

By Marta Nieto Romero “Para lá de Marão, mandam os que lá estão”- “At the other side of Marão, govern those who are there” (traditional Portuguese saying) Last week, Elisabete, Sandra and me crossed the recently inaugurated tunnel of Marão to meet with BALADI, the national federation of common lands of Portugal which is located … Read more

“All models are wrong, some are useful” [1] : summer school on quantitative storytelling with MuSIASEM

by Anastasia Papangelou Imagine a sizzling day in the heart of Spanish summer. A long room with bright-green chairs, welcomingly cool despite the lack of air-condition. A patchwork of more than 30 people from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, origins and ages. And a bearded man talking in an imposing voice, mixing in his lecture … Read more

Questions of community-making at the GEN-Europe Conference

By Siri Pisters Last week I attended the yearly conference of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) – Europe in Arterra Bizimodu, a young community in Navarra, Spain. Arterra Bizimodu inhabits an old monastery in a sleepy, rural village in the beautiful yet dry and quite deserted Spanish country side. This young community hosted over 200 participants … Read more

Exploring the potential of place-based practices in Sao Pedro do Sul, Portugal

By Alessandro Vasta About a month ago I went to visit the rural area around Sao Pedro do Sul Municipality, about a couple of hours to the interior from Aveiro, Portugal.  I went with the research team that is working on the Resilient Places Work Package within SUSPLACE. Within this package my research topic is … Read more

Integrated Sustainability Strategies for Cardiff

What strategies can we develop to improve the sustainability of the Cardiff Capital Region? This was the challenge we addressed during the 3-day training in Integrated Sustainability offered by SUSPLACE partner Except in May 2016. Applying the Symbiosis in Development (SiD) framework developed by Except, we worked in teams to define strategies for four different topics defined by the Welsh Government: 1) Governance and leadership, 2) Social and economic inclusion, 3) Health and well-being, and 4) Sustainable transport.20160509_141312

Read moreIntegrated Sustainability Strategies for Cardiff