Researching sustainable food citizenship in Cardiff

By Marie Quinney I am undertaking research on sustainable food citizenship, what this concept means and what the barriers and opportunities are to achieving it. I completed my secondment at the Sustainable Places Research Institute of the University of Cardiff, UK, between April – July 2017 under the guidance of prof. Terry Marsden and dr. … Read more

SUSPLACE’s third training in Leuven

As we come to the end of the first year of the project, the third training session hosted by KU Leuven provided the researchers with time to reflect on progress made, gain insight into how to move forward and acquire valuable skills. This training included 3 core modules: Sustainable Place-Shaping, Communication and Dissemination, and Valorisation … Read more

Food for thought: reducing waste and encouraging pro-environmental behaviour

From 10-14 October 2016, the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance Nam Dinh visited the University of Leuven to learn about Community Supported Agriculture. I was able to accompany them on some of their excursions, with the most fascinating being a lunch at a restaurant called Noordoever. Noordoever provided the catering for the group for the entire week, … Read more

SUSPLACE’s second training in Wageningen

by Marie Quinney and Anastasia Papangelou Is there such a thing as a silent conversation? How can we support (and be supported by) our peers in the cumbersome writing process? How can one, as a facilitator, deal with demotivated participants or conflicts during a workshop? Is there a good energiser that doesn’t exclude less mobile … Read more