Wales: Leading the way in co-production

By Anke de Vrieze and Diogo Soares da Silva
In the past two months the city of Cardiff has been able to enjoy to the presence of no less than six SUSPLACE researchers. Besides the three researchers (Lorena Axinte, Malin Bäckman and Cátia Rebelo) that have their home base at Cardiff University’s Sustainable Places Research Institute … read more »

Connecting with rural producers and their traditions in Várzea de Calde, Portugal

Engracia, Laura and Maria spinning flax fibres
By Alessandro Vasta
I want you to remember a time when you were on holidays in a rural area and came across a local shop selling traditional hand-made products. Have you ever asked how it was made?  Who made it and why it was made in this way? And what its … read more »

People make places

Lisbon Giant Street Art. Picture by Kevin Poh. Retrieved from under Creative Commons license.
“People make places”. With this sentence the journalist of Click, a Portuguese radio program from the national radio Antena 1, introduced and tried to summarize SUSPLACE and what we are doing regarding sustainable place-shaping practices, initiatives, values and local resources. During … read more »

Managing forests collectively in Galicia

Do you know what happened to historical commonlands in Europe? Before the 18th century many of our rural areas where managed directly by communities. Today, many of these historical commonlands have been taken by the state, are privatised or abandoned.
To show what’s happening in a community in Galicia, Spain, I made a short video (above). O … read more »

A trip across Galician territory: building the rural and the commons

By Marta Nieto Romero
On the 26th of November I attended a collective hike in Galicia (North West Spain). Organized by the Commons Study Program they invited members of Ergosfera, an association of architects, who guided us in an amazing trip throughout the rural space of Galicia under the lenses of: Commons, Feminism and Rurality. The … read more »

“Common-tryside”: revitalising the Portuguese countryside through commoning forests

Image showing a baldio in Trás-os-Montes region. Source: Secretariado dos Baldios de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro.
By Marta Nieto Romero
“Para lá de Marão, mandam os que lá estão”-
“At the other side of Marão, govern those who are there”
(traditional Portuguese saying)
Last week, Elisabete, Sandra and me crossed the recently inaugurated tunnel of Marão to meet … read more »

Exploring the potential of place-based practices in Sao Pedro do Sul, Portugal

The remoteness of the village of Pena in the Sao Pedro do Sul area in northern Portugal
By Alessandro Vasta
About a month ago I went to visit the rural area around Sao Pedro do Sul Municipality, about a couple of hours to the interior from Aveiro, Portugal.  I went with the research team that is working on … read more »