Illustration by Rita Reis,

Do you believe in the power of stories and images to communicate sustainability science? We are asking for help to realise a SUSPLACE children’s book for sustainable place-shaping!

Einstein once said: “If you can’t explain something to a 6 year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” In the field of sustainability science, we often face the challenge of effectively communicating the key messages and themes of our research to a wider audience. In order to distill our findings into sticky and engaging stories, a team of 6 Early Stage Researchers of our @MSCActions @SUSPLACE_ITN is in the process of writing an anthology of short tales for children. These stories are intended to enthuse children and reach their open minds and open hearts, inspiring their imaginations.

To enable the development and publication of this Children’s book , the team is reaching out for some additional funding. Please see the link below for more details about the book concept and feel free to contact the team with any questions!
SUSPLACE Children’s Book – Concept

Any additional funds will be used to support the book’s final design and editing, as well as covering printing costs so that we can share the book with targeted programmes, schools, and libraries. Funds may also cover translation costs so that it can be shared with targeted non-English speaking communities associated with our research. The book will serve as a joint output and deliverable for the project. Funding will enable us to increase the professionality and profile of the book, as well increase our distribution and impact. Have a look at our recently published Toolkit for Arts-based Methods for Transformative Engagement to see what one can expect.

Funds will be managed by the SUSPLACE Steering Committee. As a thank you for contributions, we can offer signed hard copies of the book. For details about the process of collecting and accounting for contributions, please contact Anke de Vrieze at