Building our stories, co-creating sustainable futures 6 December 2017

photo credits: Catia Rebelo

by Catia Rebelo

Sustainable tourism

TEFI – Tourism Education Futures Initiative – represents an innovative and inclusive tourism network of tourism scholars and practitioners. Indeed, TEFI is based on five pillars: stewardship, mutuality, ethics, professionalism and knowledge. They see tourism as social phenomena and want to move beyond business as usual, exploitative and extractive industrial approaches to tourism. That is, they seek to create a space of knowledge co-creation towards an alternative type of tourism (e.g. sustainable tourism). They believe that sustainable tourism delivers blended social, economic and environmental value, and that promotes vibrant flourishing communities. I couldn’t agree more with them, so it was quite heartwarming and inspiring to encounter more peers sharing my visions and hopes for tourism studies.

Euro-TEFI 2017 conference took place in Alborg University, Copenhagen last August (20-22) with the aim of promoting knowledge co-creation. Therefore, different and important social events were promoted to boost interaction among academics but also with practitioners that besides presenting their ideas provided us (academics) with a real taste of what they’re doing towards sustainability.

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Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo! And the Earth is transformed! 23 November 2017 - Credits: Collage image by Angela Moriggi, with kind help of Sara Grenni. By Angela Moriggi When I was a kid I watched lots of Japanese cartoons. Not healthy to do, I know. But I do vividly remember what was so attractive about many of the cartoons’ characters: they could transform into something different, something better. There was ... read more »
What would a world look like in which humans and animals no longer fear each other? 8 November 2017 - Welcome to Tamera – an experiential community and peace research project Morning mist on one of Tamera’s water retention lakes. Picture: Siri Pisters At some point in history, with the evolving modern, instrumental worldview, humans placed themselves outside of nature on the basis that humans carry some sort of consciousness that non-humans do not[1]. This, according to ... read more »
Sensed Place – a documentary 1 November 2017 - From September 28-30, the SUSPLACE Consortium met in Aveiro, Portugal for the Midterm Review Meeting. On Saturday September 30, SUSPLACE partner Binaural-Nodar hosted a fieldtrip to the area of Vouzela. In Carvahal de Milhas, we were warmly welcomed by the village choir. Together with the villagers, we were invited to watch the documentary ‘Lugar Sentido’, or ‘Sensed ... read more »
Forests or tree plantations? Portuguese politics of fires 19 October 2017 - Last Sunday, Portugal was breathing smoke again. Travelling back from a weekend in Guimarães we saw the sun changing its colour. First we thought: beautiful! Then, we started crossing all these fires on our way back to Aveiro. With the ash, the smoke and a landscape full of flames, we could only think: how can this ... read more »
Place-based narratives from Carvalhal de Vermilhas, Vouzela 5 October 2017 - By Catia Rebelo As part of my research Project – Place Ambassadors – I developed a satellite case study in Portugal in a very small rural area called Carvalhal de Vermilhas, Vouzela. For this satellite case study, I focused on only one of my research questions: How would Place Ambassadors like to co-create a place brand and which collective ... read more »
SUSPLACE Consortium Meeting & PhD Autumn School in Aveiro, Portugal 27 September 2017 - Centro Cultural e de Congressos de Aveiro. Retrieved from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:F%C3%A1brica_Jer%C3%B3nimo_Pereira_Campos.jpg Poster made by Binaural Nodar, to promote the SUSPLACE fieldtrip to Vouzela and surroundings In October 2015, SUSPLACE formally started. The past two years have brought a wealth of experiences, insights, fieldwork data, new knowledge and new questions. Being halfway the project, it’s time to harvest what we’ve ... read more »

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