Interactions between human and environment: an account of the DENVI 2nd annual meeting 13 February 2017


Siri, Angela and Sara presenting the poster of the SUSPLACE project

By Angela Moriggi, Sara Grenni, Siri Pisters

The Doctoral Programme in Interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences (DENVI) at the University of Helsinki hosted its 2nd Annual Meeting on February 6-7, 2017. Sara, Angela and Siri – the group of ESRs based in Helsinki at the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) – participated as “SUSPLACE ambassadors”, with a poster displaying the contents and aims of the project, titled “The transformative potential of sustainable place-shaping: the SUSPLACE project”.

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Transformative change: from personal experience to societal value 7 February 2017 - What is the nature of societal transformative change? When are people willing to go along a transformative change process and when and why do they resist? These questions have been guiding me in my research journey thus far, aiming to better understand the ‘roots’ of transformative societal change towards a more sustainable world. Looking back I ... read more »
SUSPLACE Autumn School 2017 – ‘Shaping Places, Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries’ 14 December 2016 - SUSPLACE Autumn School 2017 ‘Shaping Places, Crossing Disciplinary Boundaries’ October 1- 6, 2017 University of Aveiro, Portugal From October 1- 6, 2017 SUSPLACE organises an intensive one-week Autumn School at the University of Aveiro, Portugal. The SUSPLACE Autumn School will focus on interdisciplinary approaches towards sustainable place-shaping. SUSPLACE is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Innovative Training Network funded by the ... read more »
A trip across Galician territory: building the rural and the commons 29 November 2016 - By Marta Nieto Romero On the 26th of November I attended a collective hike in Galicia (North West Spain). Organized by the Commons Study Program they invited members of Ergosfera, an association of architects, who guided us in an amazing trip throughout the rural space of Galicia under the lenses of: Commons, Feminism and Rurality. The ... read more »
New, big and beautiful – reflections on rebuilding Utopia 25 November 2016 - Future city. Source: http://fav.me/d3jcl5u By Malin Bäckman On the 16th of November I attended the event Cities: Ensuring Prosperity, Equality and Well–one of the Cardiff University’s School of Geography and Planning’s 50th anniversary celebration events. The presentations covered topics such as city economies, resilience and homelessness. One of the presentations Neo-Cities: rebuilding Utopia seemed to confuse and provoke ... read more »
Renee Lertzman on Environmental Melancholia: facing the unbearable. 21 November 2016 - How do live with the knowledge of global climate change? On November 6th, during the InScience Festival in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, the American psychologist Renee Lertzman gave a presentation on how to cope with ‘climate depression’. Climate depression refers to the feelings of anxiety which people experience in dealing with wicked issues such as climate change.Lertzman ... read more »
Food for thought: reducing waste and encouraging pro-environmental behaviour 9 November 2016 - Restaurant ‘Noordoever’ in Leuven, Belgium From 10-14 October 2016, the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance Nam Dinh visited the University of Leuven to learn about Community Supported Agriculture. I was able to accompany them on some of their excursions, with the most fascinating being a lunch at a restaurant called Noordoever. Noordoever provided the catering for the group for ... read more »

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