Against human self-centeredness 21 September 2017

Flyer designed by Malin Bäckman for the Action Hub: Arts-based methods for transformative design at Transformation 2017


March 2017

I enter a dark room, two screens on both sides display images of large telescopes and green forests, in the front a black screen with white text. A story is being told. I’ve seen this before, in various art museums and galleries I first think to myself. But there is something in the setting, the atmosphere that invites me to sit down and find out what the story being told is about. The storyteller is describing the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, which holds the world’s largest telescope. The telescope acts as an ear and a mouth. From this site signals have been sent out into the galaxy, with the intention to find intelligent life outside earth. Now a response is awaited. It’s only after a while I realise that the storyteller is a parrot, telling the exhibition visitors about the nature of human beings and about humans’ relationship to life around them, from her own perspective. It turns out this story and this installation is nothing like the ones I’ve seen and heard before. The installation is an art work by the artist duo Allora & Calzadilla titled The Great Silence (2014)[i]. The storyteller-parrot reflects upon the human desire to find intelligent life in space, when in fact parrots, now threatened by distinction, share several features with humans. They too communicate, give each other names and have learned not only to imitate humans’ way of communicating, but also to understand the concepts of colour and shape. It took a long time for humans to consider the possibility that parrots in fact could be intelligent, “Humans like to think they’re unique.” the parrot reflects.

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Discussing about Diverse Economies with prof. Katherine Gibson 20 September 2017 - On June 27th 2017, the Rural Sociology Group in collaboration with SUSPLACE and in conjuction with the CSPS Conference ‘The Value of Life’ organised a masterclass on Performative Practices for Diverse Economies with prof. Katherine Gibson (Western Sydney University) – visiting scientist in SUSPLACE. The masterclass was well attended, with more than 25 PhDs, researchers and professors ... read more »
Towards an Agenda for Sustainable Food Governance 19 September 2017 - On Thursday September 21, 2017  SUSPLACE partners KU Leuven en Cardiff University are organising an event on Good Food Governance in the post-exit UK and EU. The aim of this event is to identify new complexities in global food governance regimes in the wake of new objectives, targets and indicators set forth by global actions such ... read more »
SUSPLACE contributions to Transformations2017 (#TCONFDD17)- speedtalks and action hub 30 August 2017 - The SUSPLACE team present at Transformations 2017 SUSPLACE is contributing to the Transformations 2017 conference in Dundee from August 30 -September 1 (@TCONFDD17) with speedtalks and an action hub. Kelli Pearson, Sara Grenni and Ina Horlings each provide a speedtalk in various sessions. Together with Angela Moriggi, Siri Pisters, Malin Backman, Marta Nieto, Anke de Vrieze, and with the ... read more »
OuiShare Fest Paris 2017 – A festival of ideas and an ode to collaboration 28 August 2017 - OuiShare Fest, ‘not your typical conference’. Never has a conference’s tagline so aptly described the experience an attendee is in for. There were no stuffy boardrooms, no saran wrapped sandwiches, no dry monologues from experts — none of that. It was really a festival. A festival of ideas and an ode to collaboration. As OuiShare ... read more »
Researching sustainable food citizenship in Cardiff 17 August 2017 - Cardiff Market. Photo credits: Marie Quinney By Marie Quinney I am undertaking research on sustainable food citizenship, what this concept means and what the barriers and opportunities are to achieving it. I completed my secondment at the Sustainable Places Research Institute of the University of Cardiff, UK, between April – July 2017 under the guidance of prof. ... read more »
Youth profile of the Cardiff Capital Region 7 August 2017 - By Lorena Axinte For my research project Sustainable city-regions I’ve wrapped my head around the statistics available in Wales, trying to get a general picture before starting my fieldwork. I learned that more than 50% of all young people (aged 16-24) in Wales live in the south eastern part of the country, in Cardiff Capital Region. Here, ... read more »

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