The main @SUSPLACE achievements: a concluding post

The SUSPLACE project officially started October 1, 2015 and although it officially ended September 30, 2019, work was continued. In this concluding post an overview of the main, joint outputs:

  1. Synthesis Report: What, Why and How of Sustainable place-shaping
  2. Special Feature in Sustainability Science: Exploring the Transformative Capacity of Place-Shaping Practices. In total 25 scientific papers have been published and more to come.
  3. Three documentaries. Two created by research Catia Rebelo: a) Sensed Place and b) Place Ambassadors: shaping better places to live and visit, and one by Marta Nieto: Sitting on Marão Mountains.
  4. Four short videos illustrating the research and participative methods of Lorena Axinte, Elgar Felcis, Marta Nieto and Angela Moriggi. All documentaries and videos (14 in total, including videos from the Final conference) can be viewed from the SUSPLACE playlist at the RSO YouTube channel.
  5. Creating Sustainable Places Together. A quick start guide for policy-makers and practitioners to place-based working and co-production.
  6. Once upon the Future: Everyday Adventures that change the world: a Children’s book. See @UponFuture on Twitter and Facebook.
  7. Arts-based Methods for Transformative Engagement: A Toolkit.
  8. Re-imaginary was founded as a follow up to the toolkit: a collective of practitioners and researchers exploring how creative methods can support deep change towards just and ecological cultures.
  9. Transforming places together. A follow-up website for both SUSPLACE and RECOMMS.
  10. Four PhD-thesis have been completed and successfully defended and more upcoming:

After all we can conclude that SUSPLACE has been an intense, productive and rewarding project.