Video: Nature as pathway – A participatory action research project

How can research support social enterprises to enhance their capabilities and potentials? In this short video, we follow SUSPLACE fellow Angela Moriggi to two of her case studies -Tikanmäki care farm and Majvik biodynamic farm – pioneering examples in Finland of Green Care practices, nature-based activities with a social innovation purpose. Angela explains how she designed and applied participatory methods.

This video is the fifth in a series of short videos that illustrate inspiring examples of place-shaping practices in Europe. In the past three years, SUSPLACE fellows have been looking at a diversity of cases, trying to understand how citizens, (social) entrepreneurs and community initiatives develop sustainable practices and build the capacities to transform their places according to their ideas, needs and demands. The videos aim to bring these practices, and the research findings, to life. Watch all videos at the SUSPLACE Playlist.