Policy Event: Revitalising Agenskalns Market, Riga

How to re-develop a neighborhood market in a sustainable and creative way?

In September 2018, Kalnciema Quarter invited the SUSPLACE consortium to think along and develop a set of practical ideas and policy proposal for the re-development of Agenskalns market, Riga. Together with local stakeholders and experts, the SUSPLACE team addressed 3 challenges:

  • How can stakeholders work together effectively? How to develop new forms of private-public partnerships and foster co-operation at the local and national level?
  • How to build an identity for Agenskalns market, promoting the reputation of a cultural and historic place?
  • What models of sustainable financing are available?

Watch the embedded video for an impression and summary of the event.

To learn more about the outcomes, please go to the full report:
Full Report_Revitalisation of Urban Spaces_Riga_Sept 2018