Social economy, social entrepreneurship

In this project I will be exploring the notion of social economy and the practice of social entrepreneurship. Drawing from my previous academic experiences in Glasgow and Oxford, I will carry out an ethnographic consideration of, what are usually believed to be, alternative and supplementary economic practices that go beyond the normative visions and understandings of market rationality and capitalist relations of production.

The research will be carried out in my hometown Riga, Latvia. It will contain a significant historical dimension to it with Latvia being a classic post-socialist country engulfed in austerity politics. It thus hopes to contribute to the broader debates on economic theory, neoliberal morality and social value.

Key words: social economy, alternative economic practices, social value




Researcher: Andris Šuvajevs

Host: University of Latvia
Supervisors: Prof. Talis Tisenkopfs & Dr. Baiba Bela
talis tisenkopfs 
Co-supervisor: Prof. Erik Mathijs
erik mathijs
1st secondment: University of Leuven
2nd secondment: Except